Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fox-girl work in progress part 3

My fox-girl is starting to come together! 

She looks a lot better now that she has her wig on and I'm feeling a lot more pleased with her overall. I couldn't help feeling that she looked a bit weird, in an awkward, not sure if I like it sort of way, but now that she has some hair I feel a lot happier with her. It still amazes me every time how much difference a hair-do can make to a doll and give it personality. :D 

So I guess the next part will be the final chapter (so far!) of her journey - she needs a proper outfit! She's currently borrowing Martha Jones from Doctor Who's biker jacket, but I want her to have a kind of futuristic uniform. 

Liv doll custom

Liv doll custom

Fox Girl work in progress pics part 2

Since I spray-painted her face and body, fox-girl needed a face-up - some blushing and painting to bring out her features. 

I was aiming for an arctic fox look (like these adorable little fluffballs on the right), hence the creamy-beige base coat, and I just wanted to do some very light shading hinting at some fur using light feathery brushstrokes.

I used a combination of artist's chalk pastels, Citadel and Golden Fluid Acrylic and artist's colour pencils.

And this is the result! Next I'll be modifying a Liv wig so that she can wear it with her ears poking out...