Sunday, 8 February 2015

Head #2 in Progress

For Head #2 I wanted to try something a little different.

So I decided to base this head on a cat-like humanoid. This is inspired by a race called the "Cathar" in the massively multiplayer online game "Star Wars - The Old Republic" (or SWTOR) which I had been playing recently.

I thought they looked cool and quite fierce, and I wanted to achieve that look on this head with tiger-like stripes and colours.

She's not yet finished as I have some more blushing to do and the eyes need to be properly painted. 

But once I have done that some better pictures will follow!

Also, I've replaced the Citadel Purity Seal I was using with Humbrol Acrylic Varnish, and I instantly loved it. The finish is more matt, the spray button much easier to press and because the can is smaller, you have much better control. 

I think the consistency is less sticky too, so it's a thumbs up from me for Humbrol Acrylic Varnish! (Especially when you can't get hold of Japanese import Mr Super Clear!!)

And here's the idea I'm using as inspiration:
Cathar from SWTOR

So there's more work to be done as you can see, especially to the eyes. I'm going to keep the huge irises, but I'm considering making the pupils vertical slits, to make them more cat-like... we'll see!